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Beauty Queen & King

Beauty creates better world.

We are looking for people who want to work globally as model and level up career  and are able to action for better community & world

Requirement : older than 20 yo (legal age in Japan is 20)

May 23rd, 2024


@Scandinavia House

( 58 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016)


suggested donation $25



(send us your comp card or portfolio to Deadline April 5th) 

*Participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations as well as for preparing

their own dress, heels, hair, and makeup for the competition. 

2.In Person Audition

(on March 31st and April 7th if you passed application process) 

3.Final Model Contest

on May 23rd (only 20 people) 

Judging Criteria for Final Model Contest

1. Walking

2. Speech about how you can take action to make better community and World

3. How you can create unique & elegant look for Make up, Hair style and Styling (with your own creative team)

Prize for Winner of the Contest

Flight tickets to Japan
​(round trip)

Hotel fee
(4 nights 6 days)

To do in Japan

・Attend OSA Japan Final

・Editorial & Video Shooting

・Interview with TV & Magazine

​・Walking Lesson

​・Experience Japanese cultural things

Image by Roméo A.
Image by JJ Ying
Image by Jezael Melgoza
Image by Syuichi Shiina


Application is closed

Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply.

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